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24-04-18. Indice Company Limited (IN LIQUIDATION) (“the Company”) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Written Resolution of the Members of the Company was signed on 17 April 2018, at which Special Resolutions were duly passed that the Company be wound up summarily under Articles 145-154 of the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991, as amended, and that James Robert Toynton and Alan John Roberts of Grant Thornton Limited, Third Floor, Kensington Chambers, 46/50 Kensington Place, St Helier, Jersey, JE1 1ET (together the “Joint Liquidators”) be and are hereby appointed Joint Liquidators for the purpose of such winding up. All persons having claims against the Company are required to submit details thereof to me before the 15 May 2018 and all persons indebted to the said Company are required to settle with the Joint Liquidators by the above mentioned date. The Company is able to pay all its known liabilities in full. J R Toynton Joint Liquidator 20 April 2018
24-04-18. LE DON LAURENS BAUDAINS (A body created by Letters Patent by His Late Majesty King James I in 1612 – the “Trust”) Notice is given of an application to be brought by the Trust before the Royal Court of Jersey on 27 April, 2018 at 10 a.m. seeking from the Royal Court an Order in the following terms: a. That the Trust be granted an acte of incorporation under Article 4 of the Loi (1862) sur les teneures en fidéicommis et l’incorporation d’associations (the “Law”) under the name of “The Laurens Baudains Scholarship Trust Incorporated” to hold and administer the funds of the Trust in accordance with the terms of its constitution and in accordance with the provisions of the Law. b. That the Trust be found, as a body incorporated by Letters Patent, to be a trust originally established other than under the provisions of Article 3 or 4 of the Law and so qualified to seek under the provisions of Article 17 of the Law the benefit of the provisions of Article 10 of the Law (among other things enabling it to seek the permission of the Royal Court to change its objects). c. That the Trust be permitted, pursuant to the said Article 10 of the Law, to make certain changes to its constitution (of which changes the principal object is to allow it the same powers of investment over its assets as are enjoyed by the trustees of trusts created under Jersey law), to adopt the constitution as submitted to the court as part of its application for an acte of incorporation under Article 4 of the Law, and this on the grounds that circumstances have necessitated that this constitution modify in various respects the provisions of the Letters Patent as originally granted in 1612. Fiona del Amo Solicitor Le Gallais & Luce 6 Hill Street St Helier
24-04-18. ENACTMENTS A printed copy of the enactments below are available at the States’ Bookshop, Morier House, Halkett Place, St.Helier and an online copy may be viewed, in due course, on Bankruptcy (Désastre) (Amendment No. 2) (Jersey) Order 2018 R&O.53/2018 This Order was made by the Chief Minister on 13th April 2018 and came into force on 20th April 2018. This Order amends the Bankruptcy (Désastre) (Jersey) Order 2006 in order to add the Republic of Ireland as a relevant country for the purpose of giving assistance to the courts of that country in all matters relating to insolvency of a person. The Order also increases the limits for certain priority claims, namely wages, salary and holiday pay and bonuses.
24-04-18. PUBLIC NOTICE Department of the Environment Weekly Planning Applications List Planning Applications have been received by the Department of the Environment in relation to the following addresses: GROUVILLE P/2018/0528 Val La Give, La Rue a Don RP/2018/0277 Les Pres Manor, La Cache des Pres RP/2018/0522 Darna & Dawnville, La Rue de la Marais a La Cocque ST. BRELADE P/2018/0489 The Cabin, La Haule Slip, La Neuve Route P/2018/0501 15, Elizabeth Avenue P/2018/0511 Les Ronciers, La Route des Genets P/2018/0535 Clos du Ouest, La Rue de la Corbiere P/2018/0538 Trelawney, La Route du Francfief ST. CLEMENT P/2018/0524 6, Ednor Villas, La Greve d’Azette ST. HELIER P/2018/0495 6 Belmont Gardens, Belmont Place P/2018/0503 Vienna Bakery, 25 - 29 Central Market, Halkett Place P/2018/0504 20, La Motte Street P/2018/0509 Devonshire House, Devonshire Lane P/2018/0510 Harbour Reach, Rue de Carteret P/2018/0512 Jersey Dental Surgery, 26, David Place P/2018/0518 Spice of Life, 12 Sand Street P/2018/0519 42, David Place P/2018/0527 JE Engineering Block, La Route du Veule PP/2018/0507 General Hospital, Kensington Place &, Westaway Court, Savile Street, ST. JOHN P/2018/0490 Unit 1, Field No. J1007, La Grande Route de St. Jean P/2018/0517 Highcliff, La Rue de la Mare des Pres ST. LAWRENCE P/2018/0497 Little Grove Nursing Home, La Rue de Haut RP/2018/0508 La Blanche Pierre, La Rue de la Blanche Pierre RP/2018/0529 Le Colombier Manor, La Grande Route de St. Laurent ST. LAWRENCE/ST. MARY P/2017/1023 Retreat Farm, La Rue de la Frontiere ST. MARTIN P/2018/0498 Cherlieu, La Vallee de Rozel P/2018/0534 Albion House, Les Ruettes P/2018/0536 Le Rocher, Le Mont de la Mare St. Catherine P/2018/0537 Battery House, Le Mont de Gouray PP/2018/0521 Seacliff House (formally Seacliff South), La Grande Route de Rozel RP/2018/0502 Beach Hotel, La Route de la Cote RP/2018/0540 Soleil du Matin, La Route de la Cote ST. MARY P/2018/0520 St. Mary’s School, La Verte Rue P/2018/0523 Les Potirons, La Rue des Potirons ST. OUEN P/2018/0496 Blue Haze, La Rue de la Robeline P/2018/0500 La Chasse, La Cache de l’Eglise ST. PETER P/2018/0525 Field No. P153A, La Rue des Niemes ST. SAVIOUR P/2018/0526 The Cotswolds, Langley Avenue P/2018/0539 Flat 2, Les Chenes Court, La Route de Maufant The planning application, plans and associated documents can be viewed on a the on-line register at t and a full description of the application is published on the Site Notice displayed at the application address. Copies of the plans are available at the associated Parish Hall or details can be obtained by calling the department on tel: 01534 445508. Alternatively, you can visit in person at our South Hill Offices (open 8.30am to 5pm Mon to Fri) where we are happy to assist with any queries you may have. Anyone wishing to submit comments relating to an application can do so by submitting them through the on-line register or by writing to the department within the next 21 days. Copies of all comments will be made available on-line alongside the other application documents. If you are concerned over the publication of your comments please contact us to discuss the matter prior to submission. Department of the Environment, Planning and Building Services, South Hill, St Helier, JE2 4US. Tel: 445508